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International logistic services

Road transportation

Having regard to the needs of the customer, “Arkama” recommend to carry oversides loads by roads. We offer three shipping options.

  • The carriage of goods by rail. It’s the cheapest freight method, that is ideal for large distance between cities, from which and to which load is needed to be taken. “Arkama”, the advantage of the services provided – certain branches of the railway directly reaches the company’s warehouses, trucks are unloaded and loaded extremely fast.
  • Cargo transportation by trucks. This is normal and the most popular transport tool, especially when they are in position.
  • Cargo transportation by minibuses. This is the fastest option of motor transport is recommended in such cases, when a small cargo transportation in particular, need to be urgently.

If necessary, they are transported from door to door, taking from the client and transporting directly to the customer.