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International logistic services

Usefull information
The time in which the goods reach the customer
  • Parcel from China or Japan by air reaches Lithuania in 4 days. This is fast, but not cheap cargo shipping way. Meanwhile, choosing a slightly slower but cheaper way of transportation, the goods will reach client within 7-9 days.

  • Sea container from the U.S.A. to Lithuania arrives within one month. Air cargo shipping route from the latter country takes about a week.

  • Road cargo shipping from Lithuania to Moscow takes 3-4 days, road shipping to Birmingham (UK)- 3-4 days, and Almaty (the biggest citie of Kazakhstan) – 12-14 days.

Measurements of goods

Cargo volume is measured in cubic meters: 1 cubic meter is equivalent to 333kg.

Loading measure – 1- loading meter – 1850kg.

Euro pallet -1 EPAL -0.4 LDM-740kg, dimensions: 120×80 cm.

FIN pallet – 1FIN PAL – 0,5 LDM -925kg, dimernsions: 120×100 cm.

Indusrial pallet – 1060kg, dimesions: 120×120 cm.

The difference between the overall and oversized cargo

All goods are divided into overall and oversized ,according to they size and weight. From the size dimensions depends on the freight cost. If the load exceeds a certain permissible limits (each country may vary), it is called non-standard – oversized goods and his transportation is becoming more complicated: it may require special transport, permissions, additional load clamp elements, or even escort. For the goods with extra large volume need to forme a separate routing. Examples of oversized cargo, often in excess of the allowable size or weight:

  • shipping, aviation equipment, yachts, boats, boat parts, planes,
  • construction or agricultural equipment,
  • metal, concrete, wood, and similar structures constructions,
  • various cisterns, tanks and other containers,
  • different mechanisms used in industry.


Road cargo transportation measurements Units
  • trailers dimensions:

    – length- 13,6 m, width- 2,45 m, height – 2,65-2,7 m,

    – the trailer can accommodate 34 euro pallets, 26 FIN pallets, 22 industrial pallets.

  • road train dimensions:

    – length- 15,4 m, width- 2,45 m, height – 2,75 -3,10 m,

    – the road train can accommodate 38 euro pallets, 30 FIN pallets, 24 industrial pallets.