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International logistic services

Abou company

JSC Arkama –it’s a innovative, 2010 founded company, providing international logistic services. JSC Arkama UAB transports cargo of various sizes by land. We are engaged in freight spedition service, custom brokerage service, storage and handling service.

Young, enthusiasting, professional and helpful company services staff allways care to suit customers freight requirements. Allways ready to find the most best way to transport normal and also oversized and overweighted goods. One of the most important feature of our enterprise – reliable patrnership between customers and companies employees. Quality of the provided service, fast and secure way of goods delivery to the place makes it even more stronger.

Companies cargo transportation route network is spread across all Europe, Baltic States, Scandinavia, CIS countries and many others. Customers of our companie are the big market leaders companies , and also young, just new start in market having companies. JSC Arkama is kindly offering a successful partnership and competitive prices.

The company’s internal and external activities based settings are responsibility, quality of provided service, authoritative employees, sincere communication with the customers.

Our staff is very professional, always ready for the quick, rational and correct decisions.

The company’s success is directly dependent on client success, therefore, the main priority is-close cooperation with the customer, the identification and satisfaction of needs of the client. With the raised logistical problems in the company, we are dealing expeditiously, under to customers the most favorable terms of service.